Listed below are our most popular residential services.   We can also be contracted for residential and commercial building diagnostic services (i.e roof/plumbing leaks, electrical failures and preventative maintenance).  CALL US TO VERIFY BLOWN-IN INSULATION COVERAGE!

Service List

A room-by-room survey of your home utilizing an infrared camera to identify both air infiltration and thermal insulation deficiencies.  We will walk around your home with you, pointing out areas of concern, recording both digital and thermal images.  You will receive a CD with these images side-by-side.

For an additional $60, we will prepare a comprehensive report from the digital and thermal images for each room of your home.  This report fully annotates all thermal anomalies discovered in your home and lists possible causes.  The report will be delivered to you as a hardcopy and electronically (PDF format) on a CD.

Infrared Audit without Report ($185)

Infrared Audit with Report ($245)


Infrared Audit with Blower Door Testing (Cost $225-$285)

This package is very similar to the Basic Infrared Auditpackage but provides the added benefit of performing the testing with a blower door running. 

The blower door is a big fan that is mounted on an exterior door in your home.  The blower door simulates a very windy day by creating a small vacuum throughout your house, causing outside air to be drawn inside (air infiltration) through weak areas in your home’s air barrier (wall/floor junctions, windows, etc).  The infiltrating air passes over interior surfaces, cooling them down and making them easily visible with an infrared camera.

This is a great package for those that have drafty homes and want to not only identify inadequate insulation coverage but also want to locate where all the air leaks are.

Infrared Audit & Blower Door Test without Report ($225)

Infrared Audit & Blower Door Test with Report ($285)

Applying Infrared Technology to Identify Residential Thermal  Insulation Deficiencies

Basic Infrared Audit

(Cost $185-$245)

This comprehensive energy audit package takes everything in the “Infrared Audit with Blower Door Testing” package and expands by including an engineered analysis of every energy-consuming aspect of your home.   We will spend 5-6 hours at your home taking thermal images and gathering all of the necessary data to make a computer model of your home. 

Some of the data we gather includes:

· Measuring the interior/exterior spaces.

· Window/door types and effective R-Value.

· Insulation types, coverage, and R-value (further verified/adjusted with infrared images) 

· Light bulb inventory (wattage and on-time per day)

· Thermostat settings for various seasons

· Appliances (wattage and on-time per day)

· Measuring air infiltration with the blower door to determine how leaky your home is in cubic feet per minute. (Based on the volume of your home, we will show you what range your air leakage should be in .)

Our computer model of your home is so precise that we actually sit down with you and ask you about your lifestyle.  How many loads of hot laundry do you do a week?  How often do you cook in the oven?  Do you use space heaters in the winter and portable air conditioners in the summer?  If so, where?

Once we have this data, we further enhance the model by coupling your utility bills with corresponding historical weather data for the past year into the model.  This enables us to fine-tune the model based on actual energy consumption for actual weather conditions.  This produces an extremely accurate model of your home, which is vital to projecting energy savings calculations. 

Using the model we built, we then simulate proposed energy efficient improvements that you are considering to give you a real world savings-to-investment ratio.  For example, this can include evaluating any or all of the following:

· Adding blown-in insulation into the walls or attic

· Replacing all incandescent light bulbs with CFLs

· Replacing windows

· Upgrading your appliances, furnace, & water heater

· Changing your seasonal thermostat settings

· Changing your hot water temperature set-point

Whole House Energy Audit

(Cost $825)

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Thermal Energy Auditing Services

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The output of this simulation is a complete Energy Audit Report that shows you where your energy dollars are going as well as where you can get the biggest and quickest savings for various energy efficient measures.

We take our time with analyzing the data and developing this report, ensuring the accuracy and thoroughness of the final product. 

The report will be delivered to you as a hardcopy and electronically on a CD, which includes all the image and report files.  We will sit down with you and walk through every page of the report, getting into as much detail as you wish. 

Remember, this computer model of your home is available to you for the life of your home.  If in the future you need us to evaluate an energy efficient improvement, call us with the details and we will run the numbers and send you the results, free of charge!