Sample ImagES

These images are a sampling of what can be uncovered using an Infrared camera to conduct a thermal energy audit on a home.

Attic Access Hatch

This image shows insufficient sealing around the hatch perimeter and missing insulation on the hatch door. 

The “Insulation Alarm”

This camera feature identifies areas (shown in blue) that fail to meet a predetermined insulation criteria.   

Attic Area (Wall)

The non-invasive nature of Infrared detects defective insulation batts between studs n an attic.   

Floor Above a Basement

The orange section in the IR image is the floor above an un-insulated  ceiling section.

Infrared and Digital Image Samples

Updated: 10/05/2009

Applying Infrared Technology to Identify Residential Thermal  Insulation Deficiencies

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